57 FBI Offices: Steve Markoff Letters with Attachments Sent to FBI Offices

In July, 2021, I sent a total of 57 letters to the various FBI offices around the country. The letters went to FBI Director Christopher Wray at FBI Headquarters in DC, and to the 56 Field Offices throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. A paragraph in the one-page letter sent to the Field Offices read:

“Not having an impartial investigation of Bush, especially when it seems that he committed criminal negligence in regard to 9/11, approved waterboarding of prisoners and lied to our Congress and the American people as a means to bring our country into an unnecessary war with Iraq–a war where 4,000 Americans and over 500,000 others died, many women and children–can only embolden future presidents to believe that they too could operate with impunity and above our laws.”

My goal in sending the letters was to increase the chances that the FBI consider at least investigating the three stated crimes of George W. Bush.

Click here to see a PDF of copies of those letters with attachments to the FBI Director and the other offices.

Click here to see a list of the names and addresses of the 56 FBI offices.

Any letter to the FBI about Bush’s crimes, be it to one office or all, can only help bring this issue forward.


Steven (Steve) C. Markoff

Author, The Case Against George W. Bush